Talented Europe press releases of multiplier event in Tenerife

Last multiplier event celebrated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife get show Talented Europe project by press releases in different medias: local, regional and national newspapers, and regional radio and TV.

After see the amount of press releases, we hope that this event will contribute to the development and the dissemination of the output showed:



#talentedeuropeTF Multiplier event Talented Europe

#talentedeuropeTF, presentation of Talented Europe

Invitation to the event #talentedeuropeTF

Do you know students who desire to join the labor market?
Do you need young people with #talent in your company?
If YES, then;
We invite you to the event: #talentedeuropeTF where we will carry out a presentation on the Talented Europe application on Thursday April 6, 2017 at the Tenerife Auditorium Adán Martín in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Talented Europe UX Test

Usability 5 seconds test for Talented Europe homepage

The usability 5 seconds test is a simple technique for a quick understanding whether our pages are effectively communicating our ideas. It is about identifying if a main focus at the interface level is designed for each screen. It is based on the principle of answering three questions during the first 5 seconds of the visitor’s view of the page.

Where is this test?

You can find the test on the following link for Talented Europe homepage:




Skype meeting about logo and video

Logo and a video for Talented Europe have been discussed. CIFP César Manrique, as coordinator has organized a Skype meeting about the  with partners IES Puerto de la Cruz and European Project Associaton (EPA).

Necessary Skype meeting about Logo and Video

The aim of this meeting have been discuss about the logo and video created by EPA for the project Talented Europe.

This video shows the main phases of the project for young people: students looking for job on the application and offer their services through TE; at the end of the video, someone have an appointment with an employer and deal a job.

The project area covered is the European level. At the beginning of the video, you watch young people who are written “Student” and “Talented Europe”. One sentence is translated in four languages, official and National languages of the Project’s partners.

In order to secured the quality of the materials, partners involved in technical aspects of the project have discussed about the logo of the project. EPA has created different logos to use in the different products of the project. We have discussed about the possibility to change some characteristics of these logos. Selecting a design we need to be very careful to think of how it will translate to a graphic treatment for smartphone apps.

Finally we have talked about how to organize the second transnational meeting on May in Brussels.

The Skype meeting about the logo and video of the project has been necessary and useful for the project Talented Europe.