Innovation conference at Gran Canaria

Last 13th March there was an Innovation conference at CIFP Villa de Agüimes, where Talented Project was presented briefly. Héctor Barrios, on behalf of CIFP César Manrique (coordinator institution), explained the current process of applying to Erasmus+. As a part of the predissemination of the project, this event reached the educational institutions which set up the Quality Alliance of Schools at Canary Islands.


New preparation meeting

On wednesday 4th March a meeting was made with CIFP César Manrique and IES Puerto de la Cruz. This time we met at the office at IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo, to keep working on the application form for our Erasmus+ KA2 Project: “Talented Europe”. It was about fixing the budget at big terms and distributing some points of the application form among our partners, in order to fill them properly. Deadline for submitting the application form is 31st March, so less than 1 month to run out. We hope to have everything ready for this date, with the important help of our partners.


First Skype with Belgium and UK

Last February 19th, from the quality office in CIFP César Manrique, we did a Skype with our partner in Belgium, EPA, Katarina Sipic representing the organisation, with our partner in UK, University of Bedfordshire, with Neville Hunt representing the organisation, and from our side Héctor Barrios and Eduardo del Reguero representing CIFP César Manrique, and Carlos Manescau and Sergio Delgado from IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo. This meeting allows us to fix some issues about dissemination and general aspects regarding the application form. The deadline is 30. March. We keep on working to apply the best we can.


The meeting point of excellence

Can you imagine being able to hire the best students in whichever European country? Would you like to be part of the elite student sector in Europe? Thousands of companies will have direct access to your contact information, and the better marks you get the greater choices you will have to get a nice job.

That is what Talented Europe offers. A showcase with a ranking of the best students in Europe. A simple idea which joins employers and students. The meeting point of excellence.