Fifth Transnational meeting in Kosice

The fifth Transnational meeting of Talented Europe project team took place on 10th and 11th November 2017 in Kosice, Slovakia. It was hosted by one of the project partners, the Technical University of Kosice in the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Department of Languages.

Working during the Transnational meeting in Kosice, Slovakia.

The project team welcomed the new project member Out of the Box International from Belgium, and its representative, Mr Marko Paunovic. All the other partners were attending, too: Technical University of Kosice (the hosts),CIFP Cesar Manrique, IES Puerto de la Cruz, and EPA European Projects Association.

Points during TM

During this meeting, the partners discussed the following points on Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Report on visit of control from the Spanish National Agency (SEPIE),
  • Mobile platform/application development and updates,
  • Financial issues and budget,
  • Dissemination and recruitment in the final third of the project,
  • Pending tasks,
  • Timeline reviews,
  • Multiplier Event planned for Thursday 12 November.
Project team members, from left to right Sergio Delgado Quintero, Marko Paunovic, Frederic Fabre, Héctor Barrios Barrera, Eduardo del Reguero Rodríguez, Martina Pluchtova, Katarina Planetova, Sona Polakovicova, Carlos Manescau López

These discussions proved to be very useful for the further development of the project and reaching the project targets. Exchanging various ideas helped to cover all the areas of the project to ensure nothing has been left out. The project partners also appreciated the contribution of Out of the Box International as a new member to the team. Overall, these two Transnational meeting days went smoothly in a very friendly, co-operative and pleasant atmosphere and once again manifested the significance and irreplaceability of interpersonal meetings.

Multiplier Event Košice – what we offer

This Thursday, on 12 October 2017, the Technical University will host the third multiplier event within the TALENTED EUROPE project. It will be a meeting point for all three sides involved in the project:

  • COMPANIES. With this project, they can find the talented work force they are looking for.
  • EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, whose first aim is to ensure employability of their under/graduates at the highest possible level.
  • STUDENTS. All of them want to find a good and suitable job.

There will be around 60-70 participants from all of the above-mentioned categories. Upon registration, all participants will receive promotional products which we are preparing right now, as you can see in the photo 🙂

Promotional products for participants.
Promotional products for participants

After the introduction by the University representatives and project members from the Department of Languages, you will have the pleasure of listening to our project partners and presenters.

To kick off, Spanish project coordinators will present the project, its web platform and mobile phone application at 09:30. They will concentrate on the benefits of the project. They are very good at it and really enthusiastic!

After the break, you will have a chance to listen to our first speaker, Lucia Duchyňová. She has experience in areas of human resources, recruitment, business development and  business coaching. Her presentation is called “MAGENTA, not just a color“. Lucia will come to the ME as a representative of T-Systems Slovakia – the company she works for.  T-Systems is a major employer of young university graduates in the Košice region.

We will be delighted to introduce our second speaker, Petra Bajusová. She is a holder of Six Sigma Black Belt certificate and is experienced in project consultancy  and lean methodology. Petra will attend our multiplier event as a representative of iGrow Network. Her talk is called “Lean as a tool of success“.

After a short coffee break with some refreshments for all involved, our third speaker will be Peter Šipoš. He specializes in management, information technology, accounting and financial analysis. Peter´s talk will be called “The integrity of the personality“ and he will focus on connections between education and work using his own life and work experience.

Our last speaker will be Mariana Račková, a university teacher and assistant professor. She specializes in social psychology, creativity and personality psychology. Her talk is called “We ARE ABLE TO do it…but WHY?“ and it will be led in Slovak language. Mariana  represents the Technical University of Košice, which is one of the biggest universities in Slovakia.

These will be followed by a workshop for the participants. This will be a chance for our audience to register at the Talented Europe platform website, as well as download and install the mobile app. Talented Europe will make you connected!

You will also have a chance to evaluate the whole meeting by filling out our questionnaires. Your feedback is very important for us and will be much appreciated.

Afterwards, the icing on the cake will come 🙂 You will be free to enjoy the lunch prepared for our participants, speakers, and project partners while (we hope) having a nice talk with one another about what you have learned about the project.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Košice!


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Talented Europe Next Meeting in Košice

Slovak project team from Technical University

Members of the project partner from Technical University of Košice are busy preparing  the next get-together of all the Talented Europe project partners and supporters in Košice, Slovakia, in October 2017. The meeting will be aimed at promoting the project outcomes to students, companies, and educational institutions.

The 5th Transnational Meeting, where we will officially welcome our new partner, Belgian Out of the Box International, into our project team, will take place on Tuesday&Wednesday, 1011 October 2017.  It will be held on the academic campus of the University.

On Thursday 12 October 2017, the Technical University of Košice will host the third Multiplier Event. It will serve as a meeting place for companies, students, and educational institutions. With Talented Europe,

  • companies will be able to promote their business and attract talented work force,
  • students will have a chance to find a good job,
  • educational institutions will find a way how to enhance the future career of their undergraduates and graduates.

All of this can be done simply by using the Talented Europe platform. The speakers will give presentations and run workshops about various work-related and job-related issues such as human resources, obstacles in finding a good job, what (not) to do at a job interview and many other interesting topics. Our Spanish project coordinators from Tenerife will give a talk about the project platform. They will also present our newly-launched mobile phone app, its advantages and process of registration.

We are currently working on agenda drafts, Multiplier event outline and general management of the meeting in Slovakia. We will keep you updated with the details very soon 🙂



What is employability?

The term employability is used in different contexts and in different ways.

a set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy

Professor Mantz Yorke (2004)’Employability in Higher Education: what it is- what it is not’, Higher Education Academy/ESECT


Employability is not the same as gaining a graduate job, rather it is about the capacity to function successfully in a role and be able to move between occupations, thus remaining employable throughout their life. (more…)


Talented Europe showed by Halo TU Magazine

If you are looking for new information about Talented Europe in Slovak language, Halo TU is what you need. The latest issue released in December 2016 includes an article on Talented Europe project (page 39): TU.  Halo TU is a quarterly magazine published by Technical University of Košice.

The head publisher is the Rectorate of the University. Halo TU is issued in 500 copies each 3 months. Its editor-in-chief is currently professor Stanislav Kmeť, Rector of the University. Target audience of this magazine is mostly:

  • Technical University students,
  • its employees (pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff),
  • potential new students, and
  • companies that support the University or operate in the area of east Slovakia.