Multiplier Event Ethicsboard!

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-04 at 4.29.23 PMOn Thursday 4th October, took place in Funchal, Madeira, hosted by  Escola Dr. Horacio Bento de Gouveia, the first multiplier event of Ethicsboard, one of the most important projects supported by European Projects Association asbl.

Innovation in teaching, collaboration among schools and local entities, global opportunity platforms for young people were the main issues of the Seminar.



On 10th October, we attended to one of the most interesting event organised during this #EuropeanWeekofRegionsandCities:  “ Collective impact for young people’s #TransitionToWork.

This session – really quite close to our project –  analyzed the concept of Youth Unemployment, examining in particular the Young peoples’ transition from education to employment.

The main subject of the program was the “ StartNet project “, a project that presented innovative examples from different regions to inspire practitioners and policy-makers using #CollectiveImpact, as a successful method for young peoples’ #TransitionToWork.


What are “soft skills”?

fullsizeoutput_4“Soft Skills” is a term that all of us hear every day;

But what does it means?

What are the differences with the “Hard Skills”?

Why are they important?

In this article we are going to understand the meaning of those terms.

First of all, we need to define the notion of Hard Skills: The Hard skills are the ability that we learn through education, training programs, certifications etc. They concern skills that generally are easily quantifiable and measurable.

For example, an hard skill for a software engineer might be computer programming.

The Hard Skills are the first factors that your potential boss notes during an interview. Even so, they are not the only ones: there are others elements that your boss will analyze, that could be more important than all your education and all your certifications, the soft skills.

Soft Skills are the personal attributes, personality traits, communication abilities. Such abilities are necessary to obtain the job and especially to maintain it!

For your principal, is it better an employee over-prepared but that practically
isn’t capable to carry out his job, or an employee less prepared but full of soft skills, smart, understanding, charismatic?

Obviously, these abilities are much harder to measure and evaluate, but above all… to gain.

They also include: attitude, creative thinking, teamwork, networking, decision making etc.

All skills that nobody learns at school, that do not depend on education, but that are at the same time key issues in order to be competitive in the labour market.

Do you have soft skills?

Have a look in our online platform, in section “ complete your profile “ you will find a full list of abilities that could describe yourself.


Talented Europe applications and databases comply with the new GDPR

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. Now, all Talented Europe services are in full compliance with GDPR.

We want to keep stakeholders informed and prepared so they can focus on what matters: linking young talent to employers across Europe. Not only is GDPR an important step in protecting the fundamental right to privacy for European citizens, it also raises the bar for data protection, security, and compliance in the industry.

In order to update the settings of GDPR we have created a new section on our website. There it can be found a button from where it can be downloaded personal information and even enable the notifications by email.

In addition, we have updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the new requirements of GDPR.

We’re proud to provide the highest level of privacy for our stakeholders and hope they’ll find that these updates improve their overall Talented Europe experience.

Last multiplier event: “European Talented Initiatives – challenges and opportunities”

30710264_1745623945496834_826667525285609472_nOn 11th April, EPA – European Projects Association asbl organized its most exciting event in the first half of 2018 “European Talented Initiatives – challenges and opportunities”.

In collaboration with ALDE, the event has been organized at the European Parliament by EPA’s Secretary General Frederic Fabre, and facilitated by Out Of The Box International CEO Marko Paunović, within the framework of Erasmus+ co-funded project ‘Talented Europe’.

“European Talented Initiatives – challenges and opportunities” event has been dedicated to discussing how the regional perspective could influence success of young talented people in Europe, and how regional development funds along with other EU funding mechanisms could approach this issue, during which, our speakers Ivan JAKOVCIC, Sergio DELGADO QUINTERO, Marko PAUNOVIC, Louis DELCART, Marcin PODGORSKI, Diana FILIP, and Peter BAUR shared their project findings.

Moreover, to engage both panellists and participants into discussion, the event has been used to introduce findings of the project ‘’Talented Europe’’, during which Marko Paunović presented three winners of the “Out Of The Box” awards to honor innovative ideas promoting the European dream. All recommendations discussed and given throughout the event are now currently being incorporated into a report “New ways to support Talent around Europe’’, with the purpose of providing fresh ideas on how political actors could address youth issues in the light of European Parliamentary elections in 2019.



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Sixth transnational meeting in Brussels

The 10th and the 12th April 2018 took place in Brussels the sixth Transnational meeting of Talented Europe.

The said meeting was hosted by the European Projects Association in its headquarters. All the other partners were attending: CIFP Cesar Manrique-Alumnos, IES Puerto de la Cruz, Technical University of Košice and the Out of the Box International.

During this meeting, the partners have been debating on the project’s evolution, the Dissemination plan, the recruitment analyses, the Social Networks strategies and other key points of the above project like the budget. This has enabled them to review and re-adapt their strategies in order to ensure the maximum performance of Talented Europe.29983505_1743856342320343_1355363563395673869_o

European Talented Initiatives in a regional perspective – challenges and opportunities. Panel in Bruxelles


On the 11 April, EPA – European Projects Association will host the panel “European Talented Initiatives in a regional perspective – challenges and opportunities”.

The event, held in the European Parliament, is dedicated to discuss how the regional perspective could influence the success of talented people with innovative ideas in the European context.

After the introduction notes, by MEP Ivan JAKOVCIC of ALDE Croatia, Sergio DELGADO QUINTERO head of studies of IES Puerto de la Cruz and Frederic FABRE Secretary general of European Projects Association Asbl will present the findings of the the project Talented Europe.

Then there will be a discussion about how Funding young talents at a regional level can be a tool to broaden their employment possibilities”, with the participation of Louis DELCART, head of department of Regional Development of the European Academy of the Regions, Marcin PODGORSKI Director at Regional Office of Lodzkie in Brussels, and Representatives of the European Commission.  

The recommendations discussed during the event will be incorporated into a report “New ways to support Talent around Europe” providing a fresh idea on how political actors could address this their daily work especially in the light of European Parliamentary elections in 2019.


The event will also be the occasion to present the 3 winners ofthe “Out Of The Box” awards, aimed to reward innovative ideas promoting the European dream.

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Informative meetings for IES Puerto de la Cruz teachers and students

IES Puerto de la Cruz – Telesforo Bravo, one of the partner institutions of the Talented Europe project, held during the first months of 2018 a series of informative meetings with professors and vocational training students of intermediate and higher education. The purpose of these meetings, within the project’s local dissemination plan, is to inform about the registration and use of multiplatform applications developed as intellectual outputs of the project. Interested teachers will be part of the group of referees. Students in their last year or recent graduates can be integrated into the database in order to be endorsed by their teachers as “Talented Students” and be visible by European companies in search of concrete professional and personal profiles.

Logotipo_IESlogo-te white background

Talented Europe in ManriKe FM radio


Talented Europe is one of the projects in which the CIFP César Manrique participates, it consists in connecting European students and entrepreneurs.

In this interview, Héctor Barrios, one of the coordinators of the project, explains perfectly what the program consists in, its benefits, the advantages it offers in terms of students mobility throughout Europe and the search for the best jobs and employees within the continent.

In the hands of Ruth Meyer, listen to what this project consists in and get involved in this European adventure.

The complete interview and the explanatory slips sound already in the daily programming of ManriKeFM, the educational radio of the CIFP César Manrique.