Talented Europe showed by Halo TU Magazine

If you are looking for new information about Talented Europe in Slovak language, Halo TU is what you need. The latest issue released in December 2016 includes an article on Talented Europe project (page 39): TU.  Halo TU is a quarterly magazine published by Technical University of Košice.

The head publisher is the Rectorate of the University. Halo TU is issued in 500 copies each 3 months. Its editor-in-chief is currently professor Stanislav Kmeť, Rector of the University. Target audience of this magazine is mostly:

  • Technical University students,
  • its employees (pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff),
  • potential new students, and
  • companies that support the University or operate in the area of east Slovakia.


Talented Europe in Luton

Talented Europe Roadshow in the University of Bedfordshire

The Talented Europe Roadshow was hosted by University of Bedfordshire on Friday 4th November 2016. The main focus of the roadshow was “How to make the Talented Europe job matching App a success?”

The main outcome of the project is a multiplatform application, an online/onphone ‘app’ which will make the business of matching top students to job and internship opportunities across Europe.



The University of Bedfordshire hosted the third Talented Europe project meeting in Luton

The University of Bedfordshire hosted the third transnational meeting for the Talented Europe project on 2nd and 3rd November 2016.
For 2 days, the protagonists of TE had the occasion to discuss the major points of the project: review its evolution and strategies, the dissemination plan and the agenda of the upcoming period.


Invitation 4th

Invitation to the Talented Europe Roadshow on 4th November at the University of Bedfordshire

You are invited to the Talented Europe Roadshow on 4th November at the University of Bedfordshire and have the opportunity to test and influence the design of a free job dating App.

The Business School at the University of Bedfordshire is the UK partner for an EU-funded Erasmus Plus project ‘Talented Europe’ with the aim of developing a free phone app linking employers and top students and graduates across Europe for career jobs or internships.  University and college tutors are also key stakeholders in that academic tutors can verify the quality of each student/graduate before admission to the Talented Europe database.



The meeting point of excellence

Can you imagine being able to hire the best students in whichever European country? Would you like to be part of the elite student sector in Europe? Thousands of companies will have direct access to your contact information, and the better marks you get the greater choices you will have to get a nice job.

That is what Talented Europe offers. A showcase with a ranking of the best students in Europe. A simple idea which joins employers and students. The meeting point of excellence.