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Have a great New Year beginning with these tips to face your first job interview

1º Look for information about the Company/Organization:

Basically, this tip is focused in two ways:

  • Show your positive attitude and your willingness to work in this concrete organization or company. The more you know about them, bigger is the interest you are showing.
  • 2º Following this tip, you will be ready also for all the questions related with the company or organization that could rise up during the interview.

2º In the case that you already know the position that you are applying for, look for information about the position, not only to be ready for the questions but also for yourself, to be aware about the job that you will perform.

3º Be punctual. An important suggestion is arrive before the meeting hour, it says a lot about yourself and your seriousness.

4º Watch out the communication, remember that the non-verbal is the 55%[1] of the communication process.

StockSnap_OXX7SSP9DGHave a positive attitude, trying to keep the visual contact with the interviewer, smiling frequently and keeping an open and receptive position. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of people with similar skills applying for this job, so you should show your motivation in order to make the difference with the others.

Pay attention with your clothing. It doesn’t mean that you should be 100% formal, wearing suit and a tie, It means that you should analyse the position and the company or organization that you are applying for and decide what kind of dress code you should wear.

7º Show yourself and show off the positives aspects and skills that you have. Be authentic and honest with yourself, do not lie saying things that you cannot prove, try to demonstrate the value of your work showing proof of your work, like achievements, facts or data.

Use an appropriate language, avoiding slang and looking for a professional language. Also pay attention about politics, race or religion.

9º Ask questions, demonstrating interest about what goes on in the company. Think that the best questions come from listening what you are asked during the interview and asking for additional information.

10º Relax, usually the companies and organizations select the correct person for the position. If it is your case, you will be selected, if it is not, take it easy, it is an opportunity to look for new jobs and different positions.


[1] Based on the studies of Albert Mehrabian, where the 7% are the words, the 38% is the way of saying the words and the 55% the non-verbal communication.

Self-source based on Hudson, Forbes and Monster.