IO4: Analysis, Documentation & Translation

The third IO of Talented Europe, Analysis, documentation & translation, is a continuos work and Flow of results during the whole Project. Main products for this output are a set of documents, in written and / or digital format, that relating different stages and processes within the ‘Talented Europe’ project. Every result deemed necessary for the project development and, especially, for its sustainability beyond 2018 will be translated to the main languages (EN, FR, DE, SP, IT and SL). Collect all the information is extremely necessary for developers. It is a very important point in order to maintain properly the cycle of life for the website and mobile applications for Talented Europe and its future developments. These are the principal official documents which has been or are going to be created, translated and published during the life of the project:


  • Analysis of cross-platform applications in appropriate formats and templates, as well as, agreed between the participating institutions. Includes identifying necessities, stakeholders’ deep study, contextual-scope and ICT analysis.
  • Project infrastructure. This is where technical aspects will be dealt with, such as the search for a suitable web host, deciding upon supporting software and the hardware that is deemed necessary. It’s crucial to document and publish all this phase to allow future maintenance and ensure the sustainability of the tools and principles.
  • Web Application and Core. Documentation of design process and style guides. All software application needs a set of manuals: Programmer, User and Maintenance Manuals. In order to ensure the availability and free access to the source code of the applications generated, all files are going to be published in source code repositories, as well as, fixes, improvements and news generated. These products will guarantee the sustainability of the project until 2020.
  • Mobile Devices Apps. Products generated as result of mobile apps (iOS and Android) design, development and maintenance are similar than ones described above for Web Application and Core. In the same way, these results will allow users and programmers to keep the platforms ahead.
  • Official Documents and Marketing Products. A correct documentation of the project timeline for each of the stages and for each of the institutions, as well as certain procedures of control and inspection that will be carried out periodically, will allow the project to progress successfully. These documents are business certificates, companies, students and educational centers data validation, document templates, meeting minutes and agreements, web documents, and others product which have the enough importance to be created, translated and published.