Talented Europe Stakeholders involved at 31.08.2018

Stakeholders involved at 31.08.2018

Number of stakeholders involved in https://www.talentedeurope.eu at 31.08.2018 are: 268 graduated/students, 110 companies and 61 educational institutions.

Growing up

Talented Europe family is growing up. Since platform is online, many talented students and graduated are available to be contacted by companies.  If you are student or graduated, remember that you need to fulfill all your profile. After that, you can ask to a lecturer or teacher to referee your soft skills. If the education institution is no able in the platform yet, you can send a message to the lecturer or teacher that you prefer to referee you.

Companies now are able to find for an important number of interesting profiles with their soft skills refereed.

We hope to see you in Talented Europe! Join us