Talented Europe’s Blog has been updated.

Over the last several months, we have been working on our Erasmus+ KA2 project’s blog, Talented Europe. The main outcome of the project is a multiplatform application, online/onphone ‘app’. Our goal is to match top students to job and internship opportunities across Europe.

Now, after all of the hard work and hours spent in gathering information, we are pleased to announce that Talented Europe’s blog has been updated. In fact, you can now be informed of all stages of the project and about the past and upcoming transnational meetings and events.

In the rubric “Intellectual outputs”, you will get a direct access to the Web and Mobile platform, analysis, documentation and translation.

The Dissemination section will informe you about the evolution of the project and its different dissemination activities.

AsDSC00697 a for the Transnational Meetings section , you will have the minute/summary of each meeting and decision that has been made. You will feel as if you were there.

In these meetings partners meet in a chosen location in order to discuss the strategies to adapt or put in place to ensure the maximum performance of Talented Europe.

Multiplier Events is the section that will inform you about all the interviews, roadshows and so on . . . linked to Talented Europe.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have already registered to the platform. For those who haven’t done that yet, we kindly invite you to do so.