The meeting point of excellence

Can you imagine being able to hire the best students in whichever European country? Would you like to be part of the elite student sector in Europe? Thousands of companies will have direct access to your contact information, and the better marks you get the greater choices you will have to get a nice job.

That is what Talented Europe offers. A showcase with a ranking of the best students in Europe. A simple idea which joins employers and students. The meeting point of excellence.

Both undergraduated and graduated students may sign up in our platform. Both those coming from vocational/business schools and universities are allowed to get into. Either the student can propose himself to get into the platform, or the organisation can register the student. The educational institution will validate the academic information coming from its student, though. Therefore, all data will be well checked and reliable. A bunch of requirements/criteria will be asked for the students to sign up on the platform. Marks will play a main role, obviously. Only those students who accomplish a threshold will be admitted: the top ones, the talented ones. There would be a limited quota by discipline or skill.

From the point of view of the company, you will be able to search through such different fields. Let’s say: marks, skills, country, languages … Contact information of the student will be displayed for you, as well as links to his/her CV, social networks if available (linkedin, twitter, github …) and other portfolio.

This platform will be available not only as a webpage, but also as a mobile application. The student will get notifications as soon as a company watch his/her profile or is interested in him/her. On the other side, companies will be notified when students’ profiles they are looking for, get into the page (registration required).

Besides, our platform can be used as a social network, which lets students communicate, aiming the setup of a new company or synergies. You, as a student, could find other colleagues, in the fields you need, and contact them easily. Additional features will be added to the platform, including statistics/reports on ranking per country, average marks, discipline, skill, best schools/universities and so on.