Talented Europe UX Test

Usability 5 seconds test for Talented Europe homepage

The usability 5 seconds test is a simple technique for a quick understanding whether our pages are effectively communicating our ideas. It is about identifying if a main focus at the interface level is designed for each screen. It is based on the principle of answering three questions during the first 5 seconds of the visitor’s view of the page.

Where is this test?

You can find the test on the following link for Talented Europe homepage:


Thank you for doing this. It is really fast to do, it does not take much time and your collaboration is very valuable to us.

Due to this online test, we are able to interpret if the users dis/like the implemented design for the project’s initial web page. Also, it enables us to comprehend the clarity of communicating the page’s function and it shows which element attracts the user’s attention.

To create this kind of test, we have use tools provide by:


Alongside this, we are going to publish a new post with the obtained data and inferences.