Presentations at Technical University

Talented Europe project team members Sona Polakovicova and Katarina Planetova from the Department of Languages, Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia) were really active at the beginning of April. They gathered the students from the Faculty of Aeronautics to give a presentation about Erasmus+ Talented Europe project. They provided information about the advantages of the project platform and above all, they promoted the project objectives.

The presentations took place on Thursday  4 April and Friday 5 April 2018. Students who attended the presentations come from various fields of study: Air Transport Management, Avionics Systems, and Aircraft Operation . There were over 50 first-year students present on Thursday and about the same number from the second year on Friday. Altogether, about 100 students joined in and took part in these presentations.

Presentation on 04/04/18
Presentation on 04/04/18

First of all, Sona Polakovicova showed the students the project promotional video. In this video they could find out about the basic key terms the project deals with. Then, Mrs. Polakovicova explained how the platform website works. In the meantime, Katarina Planetova was monitoring the audience and answered additional questions. Students were interested in the advantages of the platform and took the opportunity and registered on the platform. One student acted as a volunteer and registered online using an overhead projector, thus making it easy for her classmates to follow her example. The project team members then presented the mobile application. The students were kindly asked to download it into their smartphones, which most of them did. Some of them had interesting questions and comments about the project which we appreciate.

Our volunteer student Simona acting as a role models for her classmates.
Our volunteer student Simona acting as a role model for her classmates on 05/04/18

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